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Natural photography is used to highlight memorable places and moments in time.  Capturing a landscape where memories are made adds nature’s diverse backdrop to any photograph.  Interior settings can set a unique ambience to an event and or portrait session.  Images from portrait sessions will undergo the professional standard of the editing process while images taken at events will be digitally retouched with a naturalistic and or conservative flare.  



Angela Frusteri Photography is aimed to capture the beauty of life.  Capturing special moments of families and places can be daily reminders  of memories that should last through the ages.  Angela Frusteri Photography believes that photographs can be used to mirror the treasures of the heart of families.   Angela Frusteri Photography reserves all copyright to all images, digitals, proofs and prints, which includes the option of submitting her work for publication in photography magazines for example and not limited to, Inside Weddings and Elegant Bride.  Additionally, Angela Frusteri is honored to have a selected image from her fine art photography to be published in the finalist section of the hardcover book Best of College & High School Photography 2013.  The artist/photographer reserves discretion as to which image/images undergo fine art photography. 




(Family of 4) Portraits:  $300 (20-30 images on disc)

Family Group Portraits: prices and images vary

Engagement portraits and wedding photography please inquire.





“There are scammers out there stealing personal photos to clone profiles and create fake profiles to scam people with. Cloning is a really serious issue right now.” - Peter Lawrence ( July 22, 2013 )

Angela Frusteri maintains copyright.  For images & photographs intended for personal use, non-commercial reproduction, the client is granted permission to reproduce.  Images are formatted for print at 300 ppi, not intended for web use.  For commercial photography please inquire.

// Angela Frusteri Photography reserves the right to refuse business.    

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